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Breanna Renita-Lee Jones

Congratulations to Breanna Renita-Lee Jones who has committed to Univ. of Bridgeport for volleyball.

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Nothing speaks louder than results! Take a look at our impressive track record:

2020 - 0 Commitments
2019 - 2 Commitments
2018 - 32 Commitments
2017 - 53 Commitments
2016 - 48 Commitments

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We are proud of our athletes and are excited when they sign!

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The secret

Learn the secret to being recruited!

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Time is now

If you are not hearing from A LOT of college coaches by your junior year - you are not being recruited.

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Prep Athletes History

Prep Athletes started in the college recruiting business back in June '93 with CPOA...

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Hey Ladies - Guys - Be sure to get signed up with the NCAA Clearinghouse - Especially if you're a junior or Senior - I have a link if you need it - Let me know if questions

Hey Prep Athletes Visitors - Please feel free to check out our YouTube page for Video Samples

Copy and Paste Link to check out some of our videos:

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Recruiting Myths

If I'm good enough to play at the college level college coaches will find me.

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