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About Prep Athletes

Prep Athletes started in the college recruiting business back in June '93 with CPOA, an international amateur sports marketing company. Prep Athletes has worked with High School and Club Athletes since that time and has placed over 1120 kids in colleges from the D1 level to the JC level and has earned families millions of dollars in scholarship $$$.

We travel the country, scouting High School Matches, Club Tournaments, Club Practices and talk with the club coaches. Once a student-athlete joins our program we film the skills tapes ourselves so we can get a better feel for their abilities and strengths.

We hand-pick the D1 & D2 schools based on our evaluation of the student-athlete within the framework of the Rich Kern Ranking system.

Prep Athletes provides updated film at least 2-6 times per year (depending on sport). We continually contact coaches with a profile and introductory cover page on our student-athletes ensuring that our kids receive maximum exposure. Each time we send updated information to coaches we re-evaluate the Student/Athlete's skill levels.

In short, Prep Athletes does whatever it takes to get the student-athlete into a college that fits - not only Athletically, but Financially, Academically and Socially. We cannot guarantee a scholarship, however, our track record gives you a strong indication of what you can expect.

We hope this background provides a little insight into Prep Athletes. We are very excited about the opportunity to help coaches and our kids contact one another. If you can think of any improvements we would gladly welcome the feedback.

Dare to Dream and God Bless,

Sig jack
Jack Gronlund Fish
Founder and Owner

Coaches - One last thing

We have created a page just for your unfulfilled needs for the current and future years. Click on the Contact page to complete the Player Info Request form to let us know of any open spots you need filled. Whether it's a scholarship position or a walk on position.

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