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NCAA Rules Changes - FR & Sophomores - especially - Please Read!

Throughout the year, the NCAA Council and its Committees meet to propose, discuss, and vote on new legislation.

Currently, there are five rules in particular that have been discussed and are in the process of being adopted by Division I volleyball in a sort of “first phase” that will surely be improved upon and added to over time.

To date," rel="noopener" target="_blank">three have been passed (111, 112, 113 below) and await NCAA Board approval on April 25, 2018 to make them official. Every indication points to these rules being passed and adopted but the final Board approval will put them into effect at the dates noted below.

So, what sort of changes are coming? In short:

Unofficial and official visits will only be allowed beginning September 1 of a prospective student-athlete’s (PSA) junior year of high school; there will no longer be recruiting conversations permissible during camps or clinics; the recruiting calendar is cut by 73 days, though the evaluation days remain at 80; and a coach must use an evaluation day if he or she travels in excess of 50 miles to work a camp or clinic.

Four of these five rules will alter the recruiting process for PSAs in an effort to delay it and streamline the dates and to align a PSA’s college decision with that of a prospective (non-athlete) college student. The proposed rules are also said to allow college coaches more time on their own campuses to train their university’s team.

In the coming days, we will supply you with more insight from college coaches on what the new rules mean, both with positive impact and concern.

For now, here are the facts on what we know about the proposed rules.


The first two proposed rules below are intended to go hand-in-hand regarding recruiting visits.

Proposal 2017-111: First Opportunity for Official (Paid) Visits: September 1 of Junior Year

Effective Date: August 1, 2018

The NCAA says, “The institution may provide an official visit to a PSA beginning September 1 of the PSA’s junior year in high school. In addition, this proposal increases the importance of official visits in the recruiting process. Finally, September 1 of a PSA’s junior year is also the first permissible date for telephone calls and written and electronic correspondence.”


Proposal 2017-112: First Opportunity for Unofficial (Unpaid) Visits: September 1 of Junior Year

Effective Date: April 25, 2018

The NCAA says, “An unofficial visit with athletics department involvement shall not occur with an individual before September 1 at the beginning of his or her junior year in high school.”

The NCAA believes this rule will “slow down the recruiting process and allow middle school students and freshmen in high school to focus on academics and athletics success.”

It will shorten the time-frame for unofficial visits to take place, reduces early recruiting opportunities and, the NCAA says, will put a greater emphasis on official visits in the recruiting process.

College coaches still may not make direct contact with the PSA until she is a junior in high school, though PSAs may call or email coaches at any time.

The PSA may visit any campus of her choice on her family’s own accord but will not be permitted to meet with an athletics staff on the university’s campus prior to September 1 of the PSA’s junior year.


Proposal 2017-113: Limiting Recruiting Conversations During Sports Camps and Clinics

Effective Date: April 25, 2018

The NCAA says, “Recruiting conversations during an institutional camp or clinic are not permitted between an institution’s coach and a participating PSA before September 1 at the beginning of the PSA’s junior year in high school.

The date will fall in line with the first time a PSA will be allowed to take an unofficial or official visit and eliminate early recruiting opportunities.


Proposal 2017-45: Additional Quiet Periods on Recruiting Calendar

Effective Date, if Approved: August 1, 2018

The amount of days college coaches at the Division I level are allowed to evaluate athletes remains at 80 but the revised recruiting calendar will add 73 quiet period days. This will shorten the window from 291 to 218 possible days to pursue their allotted 80 evaluation days.

All regular recruiting rules apply during a quiet period except college coaches are not permitted to recruit off-campus.

The NCAA believes that the emphasis of youth sporting events is focused more on playing to attract college coaches rather than developing skills. This proposed rule is an effort to change that balance in addition to assisting Division I coaches in allotting essential and required time for their current student-athletes.

The proposed legislation will move the entire months of January and August into quiet periods, among other days. Instead of club recruiting in the spring beginning over MLK Weekend, it will now move to President’s Day Weekend, if approved.

The NCAA says this proposal has majority support from the Women’s Volleyball Coaches Association.


Finally, the fifth rule to be voted on will affect the way coaches visit clubs to engage in clinics and make additional income working camps.

Proposal 2017-25: Women’s Volleyball Evaluation Days in Camps or Clinics Employment Activities

Effective date, if Approved: August 1, 2018

The NCAA says that a coach who participates in a camp or clinic outside of a 50-mile radius from his or her institution is required to use an evaluation day.

The NCAA states that this rule is intended to decrease the marketability of privately-owned camps and clinics and lessen any pressure felt by college coaches to participate in such camps because those involved with PSAs or other reasons.

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