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Name HS/Club Sport Grad Year College
Kelsy Rasmussen Foothill High School / A4 17-1 Purple ('19) Volleyball 2020 Cal State San Marcos
Lance Krenik Trabuco Hills High School / OCVC 17-1 Volleyball 2020 Cal State Northridge
Zaria Henderson MATER DEI HIGH SCHOOL / Mizuno Long Beach 16-Rockstar Volleyball 2021 UCLA
Jayden Farrell Thomas Jefferson HS / Colorado Fire Lacrosse 2019 William Penn University
Noelani Soma El Toro High School / Seal Beach 17-1 ('19) Volleyball 2020 University of LaVerne
Sydney Dreiling Legend HS / 303 17-1 Alpha (’19) Volleyball 2020 McPherson College
Claire Turner Legend High School / Rocky Select 18-1 Black Volleyball 2019 Louisiana Lafayette
Brianna Binder Dakota Ridge HS / ’19: CVA 17 Mizuno Volleyball 2020 McKendree University
Jaeda Davis-Golliher Heritage High School / Momentum 17-1 Rachel Volleyball 2020 Northern State
Makayla Harris McCook CC / CVA 18-1 RoShambo Volleyball 2019 Wheeling Jesuit University
Ally Wardlow Foothill High School / T-Street 18-Adam Volleyball 2019 Santa Ana CC
Elsa Lamphere Grandview High School / Momentum 17-1 Rachel (‘19) Volleyball 2020 Angelo State
Maeve Davitt Mayfield Senior High School / Forza1 West 18-UA Volleyball 2019 Santa Clara For Beach
Talia Borenstein Cherry Creek High School / CVA 17-1 Roshambo ('19) Volleyball 2020 American University
Lily Thomas St. Margaret`s Episcopal School / A4 18-Black Volleyball 2019 Northern AZ
Lexi Blair Denver East High School / 303 17-1 Alpha (’18) Volleyball 2019 Tufts University
Haley Maeurer St. Mary’s Academy / Rocky Select 17-1 Black Volleyball 2020 Jacksonville University!
Kalme Dantas Silva Saraiva De Moncavo / YOSA 18-1 Volleyball 2019 Laramie CCC
Morgan Youngs Northridge / Rocky Select North Volleyball 2019 Briarcliff University
Mackenzie Lee Sullivan El Dorado High School / Golden West 18 Asics (`18) Volleyball 2019 Thee University of North Alabama
Morgan Laing Fruita Monument High School / Mesa Juniors 18`s -Teal Volleyball 2019 Midland JC
Elizabeth (Libby) Goodman Rock Canyon High School / 2019: Colorado Juniors 17-1 Kevin Volleyball 2020 The University of North Alabama!!
Haley Johnson Rampart High School / Rocky Select 18-1Jackie Volleyball 2019 University of Charleston WV
Shannon Stone Orange Coast CC / Rocky Select, 18-Select Lauren Volleyball 2019 Orange Coast CC / University of Central Arkansas!!
Kasandra Sturges Regis Jesuit High School / `17: Momentum 18 Brian Volleyball 2017 LCCC / North Carolina Pembroke!
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