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Prep Athletes does the following to promote its' student-athletes to college coaches:

NOTE: Video service alone is also available. Contact us for details.

Program FAQs

Following are the answers to some frequently asked questions about our program:

What video does Prep Athletes take?

We film the skills tapes ourselves so we can get a better feel for the kids abilities and strengths. We believe in leaving in mistakes but will keep the kid doing the same drill until they get at least 3 or 4 good plays in 5 chances. We also include edited game footage. We edit out the plays that Prep Athletes kids are not involved in. We leave in bad plays and highlight the kids with an arrow for ease of visibility.

We also upload updated film to our website at least twice a year and then e-mail college coaches with the new film. The film clips are dated and arranged in top to bottom order for ease of chronological comparison.

What marketing methods does Prep Athletes use?

We contact coaches via email with profile and video hyper-links. We also call coaches to get feedback on their interest level once the kids have narrowed their list down to 5 schools or less.

How does Prep Athletes pick schools to contact?

Prep Athletes hand-picks the D1 schools based on our evaluation of the athlete. A number of variables are taken into consideration:

  • Athleticism
  • Size
  • Approach and Block Jump (by position)
  • Ball control skills

We use the same evaluation criteria for D2 schools, but will generally contact all the D2 schools if we are dealing with a low D1 ability kid.

Where does Prep Athletes find kids?

We scout High School Matches, Club Tournaments, Club Practices and talk with the club coaches.

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